The pitch from

  1. is an organization of businesses, decentralized companies, and individuals with a common interest in finding free market solutions.
  2. At we are bringing together a community of next generation entrepreneurs, investors, and developers to build an economic revolution as significant as the Industrial Revolution and the Information Age.
  3. Bitshares is about finding decentralized solutions to centralized problems through open source technologies.
  4. BitShares builds the technology that powers decentralized autonomous companies (DACs).
  5. Whether music, inventions, news articles, insurance, or currency speculation, there will be multiple opportunities for people to earn by sharing information.
  6. It can harness the combined power of all humanity to coordinate the discovery and aggregation of real-time knowledge, previously unobtainable.
  7. Consensus technology has the power to do for economics what the internet did for information.
  8. The long term benefit of DACs is the creation of millions of information-based jobs that allow those who contribute what they know to the market to make money.