Mars Cosmonaut Needs Bitcoin for One-Way Flight Home

[embedded content] Mars One candidate, Heidi Hecht, is looking to finance her Mars travel expenses using Bitcoin. Today, on Reddit, she posted a link to her StartJoin fund raising page which features the above video. According to her StartJoin description, Heidi strives to become the first Mars… M Scott Maxwell’s insight: Let’s hope the […]

Newly Launched Cryptocurrency Enables Financial Transactions via Twitter

NEW YORK, NY, September 18, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — The cryptocurrency universe has broken new ground, thanks to an innovative coin known as SocialxBot ( The currency is the first in history to use a Twitter bot that lets users send or receive cryptocurrency funds on the Twitter social networking platform. M Scott Maxwell’s insight: The […]

Was Mt Gox a Ponzi Scheme?

A report out today shows evidence that the all-time highs for bitcoin valuations seen last year were created by fraudulent trades which may amount to a Ponzi scheme. Evidence of Fraud at Mt Gox The evidence in the ‘Willy Report’ follows an analysis of freely available data on the trading on Mt Gox in the […]