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The world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies is moving at an incredible speed.  The potential to create a new niche using the technology which later turns into the next Dropbox or Twitter is drawing in ever larger numbers of entrepreneurs and innovators.

This makes assessing what’s out there very difficult.  If new companies pop up every few days, the noise of launch announcements can easily drown out those that are now relatively well established.  What is commonplace and already in use in one area of the net can also be entirely overlooked in another.

So this section attempts to tame some of that by providing guides on the major new Bitcoin Businesses to emerge.

If you have a Bitcoin Business that’s not listed, please do drop me a line (Google+ is best.)  I review each one and write these guides up myself (no cutting and pasting from marketing material or outsourcing here.)  So I may be selective.  But genuine innovation will always get through.

Bitcoin Business Service Providers


CoinapultCoinaPult was originally set up as a Bitcoin Wallet provider.  The company has significant technical skill and has been working in the area since 2011, and so the recent announcement that it as pioneered a new method of reducing Bitcoin volatility by locking bitcoins in its service to real world assets has brought media attention.  Read more about the Coinapult LOCKS and Wallet Service here.


Bitshares is a platform for the creation and exchange of bitAssets.  (In this context BitAssets are synonymous with Cryptoassets.)  There are two classes of assets.  The first class are created buy the platform and pegged to existing asset classes such as gold and USD.  The second class are created by the users as Distributed Autonomous Corporations.  The most popular DAC traded on the platform is BitSharesS (BTSX), the cryptoasset created backed by BitShares itself.  In this way, the exchange itself can be seen as a distributed asset.  Read more about Bitshares here.


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